Door entry & Access Control

Door entry systems are vital if you need to restrict certain areas of your premises from unauthorised visitors, whether it's members of the general public or unauthorised members of staff.

Keep staff, authorised visitors and assets safe

Door intercom systems are ideal for entry ways where visitors need a certain level of permission to enter or where access needs to be restricted for general visitors. With a range of door intercom systems available, you can choose from digital keypads, card and fob readers and even audio options to speak to visitors before they enter.

All businesses have irreplaceable items and valuables which could halt daily operations should any of it be stolen. Door entry systems can prevent valuables from going missing as you can keep track of who enters and exits your building and exterior premises, giving you more control over who enters.

Private and Business Car Parks

Access control systems can also prove useful for private and business car parks, which from time to time might be victim to trespassing from members of the general public. Access control systems can accompany automatic barriers and gates to create a second-step security measure to ensure maximum security.

TSS can offer a wide range of door entry systems, access control systems and door intercom systems to secure your premises.

Our product range includes the choice of:

  • Audio only from 1 to 999 flats
  • Audio video
  • Vandal resistant panels and hardware
  • Wired or wireless systems
  • GSM mobile phone systems that can work anywhere in the world
  • IP systems that work with your broadband and applications on PC’s, tablets and mobile phones
  • Access control fob or card readers
  • Biometric finger print readers
  • Computerized network systems that can log, trace and block users if required
  • Digital keypads

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View Door Entry and Access Control
View Door Entry and Access Control